Hotel Milan and Restaurant "Dagli Alti" in Borgo a Mozzano Lucca

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An eco-sustainable hotel

Respect for the environment is one of our most important values

Respect for nature and the protection of the ecosystem combined with the reduction of the impact of services on the environment are the pillars on which the values of the Ecohotel Ristorante Milano in Lucca and the Ristorante dalle Alti are based, structures which for years have pursued the path of sustainability as the ideal solution to develop tourism in the area.

We support the environment

Our main points for an eco-sustainable ecohotel

We have long been committed daily to implementing solutions, strategies and behaviors with low environmental impact such as:

  1. 1

    News 2023: Installation of electric columns for charging cars

  2. 2

    Installation of solar and photovoltaic panels

  3. 3

    Use of wood chip boiler: an ecological alternative to traditional heating, coming from the 0 km wood supply chain;

  4. 4

    Reduction and optimization of the use of natural resources with particular reference to water and energy;

  5. 5

    Reduction and management of waste by the staff;

  6. 6

    Offer of higher quality products, using seasonal fruit and vegetables and typical local products.

  7. 7

    Use of detergents with Ecolabel certification;

  8. 8

    Separate waste collection in every environment, including rooms;

  9. 9

    Energy saving systems in the rooms and presence of thermal break windows;

Pet friendly ecohotel

“Your 4-legged friends are welcome here. Our Frida, mascot for over 10 years, will give everyone a warm welcome!”

Accessible ecohotel

Over the years we have made changes to break down all the architectural barriers present in the initial structure. Therefore, with us, any person with a disability will be free to move around any environment independently. Furthermore, our EcoHotel also has 2 rooms with disabled bathrooms